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We wanted to review the game that currently has the least number of players on Instant Games. That honor goes to The Tribez: Puzzle Rush. However, we’ve just quite recently reviewed another Match-3 game called Zookeeper (click here to read that review). So we’ve decided to instead take on the game with the second lowest number of players for now: Lumines Puzzle and Music Lite.

Many gamers will associate the Lumines title with Playstation Portable, as it was among the games that were launched together with the handheld console. Game reviewers usually compare it to Tetris, and fairly so, as it has many similarities in design and gameplay. One review even went as far as saying that it is “the greatest Tetris-style puzzle game since Tetris itself.”

The latest incarnation of Lumines is a Lite version. The full one can be purchase on Google Play and Apple App Store. This is our review of Lumines Puzzle and Music Lite.


We’ve already mentioned that Lumines is similar to Tetris. So we’ll just point out some of things that make it different from the classic falling block puzzle.

Block shapes and colors

The blocks are all 2×2 squares, unlike Tetris whose ‘tetrominoes‘ come in 7 different shapes. The small units that make up Lumines’ square blocks come in two contrasting colors, and a block can have either or a combination of both (e.g. orange, white, or orange and white).

We should also note that a unit may not necessarily be square in shape or have solid colors, depending on the game skin selected (more on skins later).

Rotating blocks

In Tetris, the pieces can be rotated, with the exception of the square piece, for obvious reasons. But in Lumines, the squares can rotate, since they are made up of units of different colors.

Clearing blocks

You are given 90 seconds to form as many squares and/or rectangles composed of units having the same color. When these are formed, they will be cleared once the vertical line (called the “timeline”) sweeps over them.


Probably the best attraction Lumines has are the skins. Each skin comes with its own block color combination, background animation, and of course music. Sadly, Lumines Puzzle and Music Lite only has 3 skins to choose from. You’d have to purchase the full game if you want to experience more.

Graphics and Sound

This game is more about the visuals and music than anything. It is a feast for the senses. Those who aren’t even into electro/synth music will like the experience.

Dropping blocks and clearing them have an effect on the visuals and music. We’re not ashamed to admit that we kind of felt like DJs while playing the game, bobbing our heads to the music and rotating and dropping blocks like we were manipulating a DJ mixer. Just kidding. Or not.

Our favorite skin among the 3 would have to be Temptation. Only because the block units are heart-shaped and Valentine’s Day is coming up, and not because of the, uhm, sensual visuals and sound effects. We swear.

Fun Factor and Replayability

If your definition of fun is taking pleasure in listening to excellent music and being wowed by stunning graphics while getting challenged by great gameplay, then this game is fun.

Players will probably keep on playing over and over until they get sick of the same 3 skins, so we’re not very sure about the longevity of this lite version.


Tetris may have been a pioneer in the falling block puzzle game genre but it’s not an overstatement to say that Lumines may have perfected it. Our only complaint about this version is that there are only 3 skins. If it had more that can be unlocked, we would give it a perfect score. But as it is, we’re giving it a 9/10.

Lumines Puzzle and Music Lite skins

Maybe people just haven’t discovered this game yet on their Messenger, that’s why it has the second lowest number of players? There may be other reasons why. Tell us if you have a theory below in the comments!

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