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Hex FRVR game review - title

Hex FRVR has been around for at least a year now, and has actually been downloaded millions of times on iOS and Android. It’s one of those games that we know exist, but haven’t really taken up for some reason.

Well, we’re glad we finally did. Its release as one of the original 17 games on the Facebook Messenger Instant Games platform has made us check it out.

Hex FRVR game review - instructions

The game is a tile-placement puzzle type, which has several elements reminiscent of Tetris. Even the naming of the game was patterned after the Russian classic — the Greek prefixes tetra– and hex– mean 4 and 6, respectively.


There’s really nothing fancy about the graphics of the game, but its simplicity is part of its beauty.

Hex FRVR game review - empty board

The board is a large hexagon, with each side being 5 tiles long. The different-coloured tile pieces that you place on the board are of course hexagons as well. There are 6 different puzzle pieces, which, like the pieces in Tetris, are composed of 4 tiles each. The exception is the single tiled piece; and as you will find out when you play the game, it proves to be a very useful piece.

Different tile pieces in the game

Colour Number of tiles Appearance
Light Green 1  Hex FRVR game review - tile piece - light green
Green 4  Hex FRVR game review - tile piece - green
Blue 4  Hex FRVR game review - tile piece - blue
Pink 4  Hex FRVR game review - tile piece - pink
Orange 4  Hex FRVR game review - tile piece - orange
Yellow 4  Hex FRVR game review - tile piece - yellow


Unlike Tetris where you frantically position the pieces before they reach the bottom, Hex doesn’t impose any form of time limitation. You can literally take frvr to think about where you want to place a piece and it’s perfectly alright.

Hex FRVR game review - gaps

The orange piece was just the right position to fit in that awkward space

Part of the challenge of the game though are the positions of the tiles as you get them. You cannot rotate the tiles, and this results to awkward hex gaps that can’t be filled in. This makes the single-tile piece valuable, and you would want to save them for as long as possible.

You eliminate tiles on the board when you create full lines of tiles along any of the 3 primary directions. Clearing 2 or more full lines with a single move drops coins and results to combo bonuses. Don’t forget to collect the coins as soon as possible because they disappear after a few seconds.

Hex FRVR game review - strategy

Four horizontal lines have been perfectly set up for inserting the green piece!

The game lets you strategize by giving you 3 tiles at a time to choose from and place on the board. Anyone who has played Tetris knows that the best strategy to earn maximum points is to leave a vertical space empty and wait for an I-block to appear and insert it. You can use a similar strategy in Hex by leaving a space for the green piece, and inserting it when all 4 lines are set up.

The game is over when there are no more valid moves to make.


Hex FRVR game review - themes

Adding to the enjoyment of playing Hex FRVR is the option to change the themes by buying them with in-game coins or real money. These include the monochromatic theme, the 3D theme, flower theme, and the most expensive of all — the jewel theme.

Music and Sound

The music is one aspect of the game that we’re not sure we like. We don’t know why, but the music that plays in the background kind of reminds us of those old black and white silent films. It just feels out of place.

Hex FRVR game review - bonus coins

Clearing multiple lines at a time drops coins. You’ll also hear a deep voice giving you a compliment.

And then there’s a man’s voice that says things like “This is getting good!” every time you get combo bonuses. Some people may not like it (think Candy Crush guy’s voice), but we think it’s kind of endearing.

Fun Factor and Replayability

Countless people have become addicted to Hex, and we completely understand why. The game has just the right combination of strategy and luck to make it challenging yet not frustrating. It’s an excellent game for passing the time.


Hex FRVR is a game that we think once tried, always returned to. We don’t care if the graphics are not the best nor the music the most appropriate. It’s the mechanics of the game that make it tick, just like all the great games there ever were. This game may not be jaw-dropping in the looks department, but like Tetris, it’s a classic that gamers won’t get tired of playing for years to come. We give it an 8/10.

Hex FRVR game review - game over


Now our question for you is this: Would you actually pay real money to get those expensive themes?

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    When you say collect the coins how does this work do they double your scores

  1. March 13, 2017

    […] certainly is on a roll. Their game Hex FRVR was one of the original 17 titles on Instant Games when it was launched in November last year. […]

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