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You know a game has reached the heights of greatness when an entire wiki site is dedicated to it, thousands of videos of it have been uploaded to YouTube, hundreds of Reddit pages have been created about it, and a Facebook group page exists for self-proclaimed addicts to the game. That is the level that Everwing, the fantasy shoot ’em up game we’re reviewing today, has attained.

Everwing is such a nicely designed game, it’s almost a crime to make it free to play.

Everwing game review gameplay

As far as we know, it is exclusively available via Facebook Messenger. We may not be getting the game via the App Store or Google Play anytime soon, as Blackstorm Labs, its developers, are on a quest to make the “world free of the constraints and limitations of app stores — and [they] provide the technology to create and enable that.”


In this scrolling shooter, you play Guardians—winged, fairy-like gals who use different kinds of bullets to shoot at oncoming monsters. Monsters themselves are winged, but theirs are bat-like in appearance compared to the bird or butterfly wings of our heroes.

Everwing game review gameplay

You collect coins and gems along the way, which let you purchase cool stuff, like upgraded bullets or dragons.

Dragons are called Sidekicks, and a Guardian can use two of them at a time to improve her monster-killing ability.

In addition to coins and gems, there are items you pick up that can give you short-time buffs, like flowers that make you invincible or magnets that pull all items towards you.

Graphics and Sound

Blackstorm certainly didn’t skimp on anything in Everwing. The lovely artwork has a Japanese anime/manga style, which is most apparent in the Guardians themselves.

Everwing game review Guardian Lily

Everything in the game is colorful. The vivid backgrounds change with each round. The Guardians, Dragons, Monsters are all the colors of the rainbow.

The music is memorable too, it’s the kind that makes you feel like you’re ready to go on an adventure.

Fun Factor and Replayability

Everwing is a game that has an impressive staying power. There are just so many things about the game that will keep a player coming back for more.

Foremost among these would have to be the Dragon-collecting business.

Everwing game review dragon collection

You see, this is not just your run-of-the-mill creature collecting hobby.

If Pokemon and Dragon City got married and had a baby, this would be it. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, since Everwing doesn’t nearly have that many dragons, but the excitement and frenzy will be the same for many players.

Add the Quests and Guardians that can be unlocked at higher levels, and you’ve got fans who’ll be kept happily preoccupied for hours and hours.


If Everwing is but a taste of what Blackstorm Labs has in store for us in the future, then we definitely can’t wait to experience their next game and write another raving review about it.

Everwing game review quests

We literally can’t find anything wrong about this game, except maybe the fact that there are only a limited number of Guardians, Dragons, and Quests that can be unlocked. We give this game a 10/10.

Ok, so it’s time to ‘fess up… Are you a member of the Everwing Addicts Facebook Group?

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