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Whatever this game review turns out to be, we’d like to put it out there that we are forever grateful to Bat Climb for at least one thing: It made us Google “Batman shark repellent.” You should do it too, and we guarantee it will give you your daily dose of laughter.

Bat Climb is the latest Instant Games title to be launched on Facebook Messenger. The LEGO Batman movie-inspired game was introduced to the app together with Batman ‘approved’ sticker pack earlier this month as promotion for the film’s release.

Bat Climb Instant Games Review title

Within one and a half weeks, the number of Bat Climb players surged to 1.85 million, rocketing past most of the other game titles available on Instant Games. This game just might be Facebook Messenger’s biggest hit yet.

Bat Climb Game Play

Your aim is just to get your character (Batman, Robin, or Batgirl) as far (or high, since it’s a climb after all) as possible by jumping left or right to avoid being killed by various barriers and enemies, all while collecting coins and other good stuff.

Just your basic endless runner type of game, right?

Yes, but 99999 times more awesome! (We said that last word like Emmet from the first LEGO movie said it.)

Bat Climb Instant Games Review Joker

Here’s our Top 3 things that we think are awesome about this game:

1. Defeating enemies
Bat Climb Instant Games Review Catwoman

Catwoman throwing bombs at Batman

Throughout the game, enemies like The Joker, Riddler, and Harley Quinn will sometimes block your path throwing bombs at you. Instead of just trying to avoid them (like in most endless runners), our heroes can defeat enemies with a special move—Click and Drag. This allows the player to dash towards the enemy and defeat them.

2. High Fives
Bat Climb Instant Games Review Harley Quinn

Robin: I just defeated Harley Quinn! Batgirl: Give us a high five!

A friend will occasionally appear (Robin or Batgirl, if you are Batman) flying a jetpack, and you can give them a high five by jumping through them. The number of times you successfully high five them will be your point multiplier.

3. High value items
Bat Climb Instant Games Review

Robin missed the shark spray!

We love the game designer’s sense of humor with their choice of special items. Each character’s is unique: Batman has Lobster Thermidor, Robin has Shark Repellent, and Batgirl has the Batarang. Maybe we’ll find out what the lobster is all about when we finally see the movie.

Graphics and Sound

This game is simply good looking. Terrific artwork, great animation, clean and very intuitive user interface. The characters and items may be a bit too small for us to properly appreciate their looks, but we’re not sure how enlarging them would have affected the smooth game play, so it’s all good.

Bat Climb Instant Games Review shield

Get that black and yellow bat icon and your hero gets a shield, which lets you survive getting hit by any barrier once. You also get to hear him hum a tune!

We adore the music and sound effects in this game! Very nice job on this by the creators. Our favorite part about it is how our heroes actually hum the tune of the music whenever they get the shield power-up. It makes us chuckle every time.

Fun Factor and Replayability

Bat Climb has taken an old game mechanic and transformed it into a lean mean fun machine. A good amount of challenge coupled with polished gameplay, plus adorable characters and a dash of humor make this game a winner. This one can be filed under “Awesome games to play when you’re bored or even if you’re not”.


As it turns out, we really really like this game. So the reference to the shark repellent spray was just icing on the cake. We totally get the break neck speed that Bat Climb is rising to the top of the charts. We wager it’ll outdo Endless Lake within a week, maybe less.

Bat Climb Instant Games Review game over

Our only complaint is that they didn’t use a woman’s voice to hum the music for when Batgirl gets a shield, and that her special item is not something funny like a lobster thermidor. Nevertheless, we give this game a 10/10.

Wouldn’t it be great though if we get to play villains too? What do you think?

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    I am utterly stuck at 45,500 points and cannot seem to pass this! Hints and tips would be really appreciated…..!!!!!!!

    • Editorial Team says:

      Wow, that is actually quite impressive, Ash’smate! If you surpass that, let us know how you did it. ;D

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