2020 Connect Game Review

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We didn’t have high expectations when we first started playing 2020 Connect for this review. Another 2048 clone? Ho-hum. But 5 minutes into the game, we knew we misjudged this number puzzle game.

2020 Connect may have similarities with the over-cloned 2048, but it is so much more than just fusing same-numbered tiles. It actually requires more strategic planning, greater attention to detail, and dare we say, a good dash of the smarts.

However, the graphic designer wannabe in us can’t get over the dev’s choice of font. We saw the old version of the game, and we think it used a much better font. Look at the comparison below:

Isn’t it sad?

Anyway, the game is still great even with a different font.


2020 Connect looks deceivingly simple. But it’s not for people looking for a mindless activity! Whoever invented this game is a pretty brainy person.


2020 Connect game tutorial


There are 40 hexagonal units on the grid, and these slowly get filled with numbered tiles as the game progresses (each number has a corresponding color).

You just need to move tiles around to match at least 4 tiles of the same number. This reduces them to 1 tile and evolves them to the next higher number.

Reaching the highest numbered tiles (was it 256 or 512?) makes them disappear altogether. (Random question: If 2020 is not the highest number you can form in the game, why is the game called 2020 Connect?)

2020 Connect tile 128

One 128 tile down, three more to go.

If you move a tile without forming a match of at least 4 adjacent tiles, additional tiles pop up on the grid randomly. (There’s a preview of the incoming tiles at the top of the screen).

There’s just this teeny tiny complication—a tile has to have an unobstructed path of unoccupied grid units for it to move to that desired spot.

2020 Connect game review - path is blocked

Path is blocked

When the grid gets completely full, game is over.

To help you out of tight situations, boosters are available to buy. For this you need coins, which you get from matching tiles.

2020 Connect boosters

Boosters can help you get out of tight spots

The recent game update added a couple of significant changes:

  • New grids with units arranged to have spaces/gaps
  • Score multipliers now randomly appear on the grid

Graphics and Sound

With the exception of the font used, the graphics of the game are fine. Just nice and clean, no need for a game like this to be artsy fartsy.

2020 Connect

New grids like this came with the update.

The tiles and other elements have just the right amount of animation to make the game visually stimulating despite the relatively featureless graphics typical of number puzzle games.

We definitely like the background music. It’s the kind that makes you feel like you’re in a quiz show or you’re a genius scientist in a movie doing a geeky experiment. Yes, we’re totally nerds.

Fun Factor and Replayability

If you are looking for a quick, adrenaline-filled, frenzied game, then this one is not for you. But if you have a little more time to spare, and enjoy the quiet satisfaction of a good puzzle, you’ll positively get hooked on this game.

And you’ll possibly play it for life.

2020 Connect game extra bonus


Despite its deceivingly plain-looking appearance, 2020 Connect is a very engaging and clever puzzle game. It’s something that we can probably play continuously for two hours without noticing the passage of time. We hope though that the devs will change the font in future game updates. We give it a 9/10.

We wonder if there’s some technique to getting higher scores in this game, similar to how in 2048 you work the corners. If you have tips and tricks to improve our score, let us know in the comments!

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