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After fumbling about for a good 20 minutes, we finally started to have a glimmer of understanding of Zoozle Blitz’s game mechanics.

Our train of thought went roughly in this order:

“Is it a match-3 puzzle?”

“Oh, it’s like Minesweeper…”

“No, it’s more like Sudoku, but with colors!”

“How the hell is this game played?!”

“We’ll never be able to write this game review…”

And then, just when we were about to completely give up and chuck the game away as unplayable, some semblance of understanding crept in oh so slowly.


Pardon us if our description of the gameplay is inaccurate. Like we said, our comprehension of how this game works is at best shallow, and at worst completely sketchy.

But try we must.

Zoozle Blitz game review - tutorial

Zoozle Blitz is a puzzle game. And as we found out from Google, a ‘picross’ or ‘nonogram‘ game, to be exact. We’re guessing that this genre isn’t the most popular in the world.

We actually feel a little stupid for not being familiar with it. We’re not as well-versed about different puzzle genres as we thought we were.

Ok so you can probably think of this game as a guessing game. You’re given a grid and a choice of colors to fill it in. You need to guess the color of all the squares on the grid. Number clues are shown on the columns and rows.Zoozle Blitz game review - grid

The numbers indicate how many unbroken lines of filled-in squares there are on a column/row.

For example, if a column/row shows the number 1 in orange, it means there’s 1 square in that column/row that should be orange.

Or if it shows the numbers 2,1 in green, it means there are sets of 2 and 1 green squares, with at least 1 square of another color in between the sets.

Zoozle Blitz Game Review - Raccoon grid

Lava bombs add challenge to the game. They explode if you don’t guess the color of their square within the indicated number of clicks.

Looking at the title, you may guess that speed factors in somehow. All we can say is it does, but not as hugely as you might expect. At least not like in other games with the word blitz in them. You can take as long as you want, and you’d still be able to finish puzzles successfully.

 Zoozle Blitz Game Review - Game Over

However, you may want to play faster if you want to collect coins, bonus points, complete quests, and unlock stuff.


Part of what makes the game interesting is unlocking animal characters (and the larger puzzles that come with them). The animals are just your standard fare exotic fauna, drawn in a way that kinda reminded us of the animated movie Madagascar. (Spot the oxymoron in this paragraph).Zoozle Blitz - Quests

And we guess that’s where the word Zoozle comes from: Zoo- is for the animals and -zzle is from puzzle. (D’oh!)

The actual puzzles have pretty decent graphics and animation. Maybe you can’t expect earth-shattering visuals with grid puzzles like this. That said, we commend the devs for going the extra mile to make the puzzles visually stimulating.

Zoozle Blitz game review - 16 squares

Fun Factor and Replayability

Once the player understands how it works, the game can actually be fun to play. It requires logic and a bit of analytical prowess, so it is best enjoyed if you’re up for some mental workout.

The game is replayable in the same way that Minesweeper, Sudoku, Crosswords, and other puzzles are replayable.

The learning curve is a bit too steep though, so that may turn off a lot of players.Zoozle Blitz Game Review - Light Speed


You know how some games are easy to learn yet hard to master? Well, this game is hard to learn but not so difficult to master. That’s probably because once you’ve learned the game, you’re sort of a master already. It takes that long to understand even just the basics.

A better tutorial would have helped. We’re still grateful to the devs though for introducing us to this different type of puzzle genre. Again, we’re dumbfounded by how we’ve never played any picross games before.

We’re thinking of trying out other picross games, just for comparison. But for now we’re giving Zoozle Blitz a 7.5/10.

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