Tower Match Facebook Messenger Game Review

Tower Match Messenger Game Review (title)

Tower Match is another proof that a game doesn’t always need to have fancy graphics or intricate mechanics to become a hit with players. It currently enjoys a spot near the top in the Facebook Messenger ranking of Instant Games with the most players.

Let’s review this game of skill that has millions of players the world over stacking to their hearts’ content.

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

Graphics and Sound

Like we said, Tower Match does not feature breathtaking graphics. The artwork is quite simple; a talented grade schooler could have drawn it.

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

That’s not to say it doesn’t look good. It’s pretty decent, and we like that the designers injected some variety into the game by presenting a number of different themes, inspired by famous towers in the world. These include Taipei 101, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

Background music is non-existent, unless you consider birds chirping as background music. That may be a good thing though, since this is also a game that needs some concentration.

Sound effects used for stacking the tower layers are really spot on. You actually get a good sense of satisfaction every time you hear the sound of a perfectly stacked tower piece.


Tower Match belongs to the stacker game genre, but it’s only on a 2-dimensional plane, unlike the popular Android game Stack. The primary objective of the game is to stack the most number of blocks/layers as you can.

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

A block moves left or right across the screen, and pressing anywhere on the screen stops it. If it stops perfectly aligned with the block beneath it, it remains the same size and the speed of the next block is maintained.

Landing a block imperfectly will cut down the block by the length that the player missed. It accordingly reduces the size of the next higher block, and causes it to move faster.

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

Errrr… no way you can align that tiny “block”.

At higher levels, you end up with blocks that are a hair’s breadth and near impossible to stack due to the faster speeds.

A couple of boosters can help a player reach higher levels in a game. One is Start Boost, which when used will automatically add a certain number of levels to the tower. Determining the number though is a game of chance.

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

7 blocks to boost your level!

The other is Extra Width that widens that base block thereby giving the player more room to make alignment mistakes.

Fun Factor and Replayability

What this game lacks in outward appearance, it makes up for in the addictiveness of its gameplay.

With each round, players feel the need to outdo their previous efforts. Its a game that rewards a person’s skill, and few things in this world feel more rewarding than your skills getting some deserved recognition, right?

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

“Every non-perfect block increases game speed”


The simplicity in the design of this stacking skill game, coupled with its addictive gameplay, makes it a pretty cool game in our book. Tower Match is a good game to challenge your Messenger friends with. It doesn’t require much brain juice or strategizing—it’s just good ol’ stacking fun. We give it a 7/10.

Tower Match Messenger Game Review

So what’s your high score so far?

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