The Tribez: Puzzle Rush Game Review

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It’s a shame that Facebook Messenger has disabled the display of the number of players actively playing each of the games on their Instant Games platform.

Almost exactly 1 month ago, we could still tell that Endless Lake enjoyed the most number of players, with more than 3 million players.

Guess which game was the least popular then?

The (dis)honor went to The Tribez: Puzzle Rush, which had roughly only 184,000 players.

But now that we finally tried playing this match-3 game, we find ourselves befuddled.

Because it’s a pretty awesome game, if we could say so ourselves.

The Tribez Puzzle Rush Game On

Why did a lot more people play Zookeeper, another match-3 game? And why did Trivia Blast Ultimate have almost 5 times more players? (Ok, we have to stop bashing Trivia Blast. Kidding, we won’t).


The Tribez: Puzzle Rush is a cross between Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitz. It has the sense of adventure and variety of the former, and the high octane tempo of the latter.

The Tribez Puzzle Rush match dragon fruit

You have to eliminate as many fruits on the board as possible within the time limit. This is of course done by matching 3 or more items of the same kind.

It has more to offer than just simply matching items. Below we highlight a few of them.


You can select from 3 characters to use in a game. However, only Dino is available at the start. Dino’s other friends, Justin (squirrel) and Sarah (sabertooth tiger) need to be unlocked.

The Tribez Puzzle Rush Dino's friends

By the looks of it, more characters are in the works (woolly mammoth?). So that’s something we can look forward to.


Matching more than 3 fruits produces special items or power-ups. These are:


Item Appearance Formation Effect
Horizontal and vertical bombs Match 4 in a line Clears all items in a column or row
Diagonal bomb diagonal bomb Match 5 items in a T-configuration Clears all items in diagonals (x-shaped)
Coin coin Match 4 in a square Clears 4 items surrounding it (cross-shaped).

Coins can also be used to buy upgrades and boosters.

Mask Mask Match 5 in a line Clears all items of the type it is fused with

You also get special effects with corresponding higher points when you fuse two of these power-ups together.

The Tribez Puzzle Rush special effects


Missions are how you accumulate XP for unlocking certain features, including more characters.

The Tribez Puzzle Rush missions

XP is rewarded every time you accomplish a mission. A mission can be something like scoring certain points or using a certain number of power-ups within a game.

Boosters, Upgrades, Chests, and more

The game has so many more features, and we can’t talk about all of them at length here. This is one of those games that make us feel that the developers are really serious about making a great game.

Chest bonus

Graphics and Sound

Superb. Excellent. Professional. The people who created the game are pros who know what they are doing.

Beautiful artwork that look like paintings, music that we can listen to for enjoyment, sound and animation that are delightful to the senses.

Dino Rush

Fun Factor and Replayability

This match-3 game is fun like Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitz are fun.

We can imagine players choosing to play this over Candy Crush for a lot of the novelties it offers, like the missions and unlockable characters, and the quicker pace.

The Tribez Puzzle Rush boosters and stuff

For these same reasons and more, The Tribez: Puzzle Rush definitely should have a high replayability potential.


Which is why we don’t understand its low ranking in terms of number of players. But maybe it has more players now? Shame on you Facebook, for removing the player stats. We’ll never know now if The Tribez: Puzzle Rush has garnered more followers than the other titles on Instant Games.

Time's up!

This game is one of the best-designed games on Messenger, and the amount of enjoyment we had (and length of time spent on) playing it is our best indication of its quality. For us, it ranks among other excellent games like Galatron, Everwing, and Bat Climb. We give it a 10/10.

So please tell us why it had such a low number of players? Explain away in the comments below!

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