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Not in a million years would we have guessed that Trivia Blast Ultimate was created by a “creative technology company” that aims “to design products that engage, inspire and delight the world’s 2 billion smartphone users.”

We tried playing it on Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games only out of curiosity, since it’s the only trivia quiz game currently available on the platform. Here’s our review of probably the worst game you can find on Instant Games: Trivia Blast Ultimate.

Game Play

Trivia Blast Ultimate is a trivia quiz game that tests your knowledge about a lot of things that you may know but don’t really have any use for. That’s why it’s called trivia, silly.

Trivia Blast Ultimate Instant Games Review-00

Each question is presented as card with an associated image. Player gets to pick an answer from among 4 choices by clicking on its box.

The game lists the following rules:

  • 10 seconds per question
  • 10 points for a good answer
  • 1 point per second
  • Only 3 wrong answers allowed
  • No answer = wrong answer

So player gets 10 points for a good answer. Is there such a thing as a not-so-good answer? Do we get partial points for a bad answer? Do we get negative points for an evil answer?

Trivia Blast Ultimate Instant Games Review rules

And why are we given only 3 seconds to read and understand all 5 rules?! After we were made to wait 60 seconds before the game starts (it selects new cards every round, and apparently the selection takes ages and ages).

This game claims that it covers “General Knowledge,” but it’s really mostly about Pop Culture, with a few token questions on History, Science, and other more “serious” subjects.

Trivia Blast Ultimate Instant Games Review Taylor Swift

The game felt so puerile, shallow, and amateurish. We guess it has something to do with the fact that anyone can just create quiz cards via the game’s website and Facebook page.

Fun Factor and Replayability

But this game’s inanity is exactly the reason why it is played by roughly 900,000 users on Messenger. People love knowing useless trivia. They like remembering what year Taylor Swift was born in, who the first captain of the Enterprise is, and the title of the TV show where Donald Trump’s catchphrase is “You’re fired!”.

Trivia Blast Ultimate Instant Games Review Donald Trump

People will play this game because it feels good to know something that for once has a “practical” use, even if that use is only to score higher than your friends in a game.

Graphics and Sound

We don’t want to be meaner than we probably seem to be so far in this review, so we’re not commenting on this game’s visual and auditory merits or complete lack of them. Nope, not going there.

Trivia Blast Ultimate Instant Games Review Sound On

But we just have to ask… what the heck is that “TURN SOUND ON” thing all about? Why doesn’t it change to “TURN SOUND OFF” after we click on it? And why is it so important that we listen to techno/electro music (or whatever that background music is) while playing a trivia quiz game?


Trivia Blast Ultimate Instant Games Review score

This game was not even worth the 500 words we’ve written about it, but we thought it would be interesting to have at least one very negative review here on, so here we are. We’re never playing this game ever again. Or we might, just to remind ourselves what a bad game looks like.

We give this game a 2/10. Because we’re sure there must be a game out there that’s worse than this one.

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5 Responses

  1. Peter Mcmahon says:

    I enjoy the game and my whole family plays but… losing interest quickly. What is supposed to be a mix of trivia is 80% current music and 60% of that around Rappers. Too many “what album” or “what year”
    Save this game by making more of a true “trivia” game.

  2. Linda says:

    How many points to add to ur score. Is 200 or more?!!
    I’ve been playing and can’t past 264.

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