Kaburin! Ball Instant Games Review

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Do not judge the game by its first few minutes of play. There’s some words of wisdom for you. We learned them when we played Kaburin! Ball.

We had a different introduction to this game review, one wherein we wrote that Kaburin! Ball was neither good nor bad. But that was because we’ve played the game only up to Level 12 when we started writing this.

And then we gave it one more go, got to Level 13, and changed our minds. This game is actually quite good!


If we were to choose though which was the best aspect of the game, we’d have to say it’s the artwork. The game features cute characters who sport various head coverings that show only the eyes (sometimes not even). Kaburin means “headwear” in Japanese, if we’re not mistaken.

Kaburin Ball path with coins and enemy

The player controls the brown-paper-bag-wearing guy rolling on top of his star-studded orange ball. He has to avoid the other Kaburin characters that block the path. So far, we’ve encountered the boxer, the purple fuzzball, and the straw hat samurai.

We see many other characters in the game, but they only appear as display images with your Results/Score after you die. Each Level shows a different Kaburin in the Results. Our favorites are the Kaburin covered with a blanket (Level 9), and the one with the horned steel mask (Level 5).

Kaburin Ball - game results - character covered with blanket

So if you’d like to see all of those different characters, you better make sure you die at each of the game levels!

There’s probably a geek out there documenting all of these game over characters, and if you’re it, give us a link to your collection. 😉


The game’s sounds are pretty neat too. The background music that plays while you’re making your run will literally make you want to dash outdoors with your arms flailing and run as fast as you can in the most adrenalized manner. Or at least just get you excited about playing your Kaburin character.


This is a vertical endless runner type game, similar to Temple Run. But unlike the latter, Kaburin! Ball doesn’t have paths that turn left or right.

Kaburin Ball game controls

The controls are quite simple: tilt left or right to move, and tap screen to jump. Controls are smooth and responsive, absolutely no complaints there.

Your aim is to run as far as possible along your wooden path. You get points by collecting coins along the way. A bronze coin is worth 1 point, silver is 5, and gold 10.

Kaburin Ball coins

As mentioned, littering your path to endless glory are the enemy Kaburins. You need to avoid hitting them, or else you die.

Making the gameplay more challenging are the gaps/holes on your walkway, which become more difficult as you go farther. Falling through them into the field of grass and flowers below spells instant death too.

Higher levels also means you run faster, enemies appear more frequently and new types of Kaburins appear.

Fun Factor and Replayability

The Kaburin characters are the ones that make this game fun. They provide the variety that would make players want to go for just one more run, if only to see what the different characters look like.Kaburin Ball with straw hat samurai enemy


The difficulty progression is also well-executed. Make a game too easy, and players get bored quickly. Make it too difficult, and players get discouraged.

But this game provides just the right amount of challenge. It gives players the feeling that they’re skilled enough to beat their friends’ high scores.

The game lacks a few things though, like upgradeable characters and accomplishments. This may limit the game’s long-term appeal.


We understand that, with hundreds of endless runner games available to play, it’s hard to make another one that stands out from the crowd. Somehow, the developers of Kaburin! Ball managed to do that.
Kaburin Ball character with iron mask and horns


Wonderful artwork, good sound and music, and smooth gameplay make this a keeper. It’s a well-designed, delightful little game. We would give Kaburin! Ball a higher rating if it had upgrades and/or missions. But as it is, we give it a 7/10.

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