GalatronVS Mini Guide and Game Review

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We’ve only been playing GalatronVS for a relatively short period, and we had to force ourselves to stop in order to start writing this game review. We have a lot to praise about this space shooter game! But reviews have to be written, so a pause from playing is required.

There are so many aspects of the game that we can talk about at length, but we’ll just try to cover the basics in this mini guide and review. Can’t wait to finish writing this so we can go back to our game, so here goes!


GalatronVS game review - health battery

Health-giving battery up ahead!

GalatronVS is living proof that HTML5 games can have beautifully stunning graphics. All the visual elements of the game — from the background, the space ships, and weapons — are all nicely designed.

The game developers certainly didn’t scrimp on details. We think players will appreciate even small things like how the fire from the exhaust is yellow from your space ship while it’s green (a la Game of Thrones wildfire) from the enemy ships.

Or how these enemy ships look like they have evil faces, complete with bloodshot eyes and menacing grin. This game is simply good-looking, and we daresay more gorgeous than most casual space games that can be downloaded from an app store.

Control and Gameplay

The game’s objective is to kill as many enemy ships as possible while avoiding getting hit. You achieve this by keeping your finger on your ship and moving it across your screen to hit your targets and avoid bullets and missiles. Different projectiles cause different amounts of damage to your health, but colliding with an enemy ship spells instant death.

Tournament Mode

The game has only one mode: Tournament. Every time you hit play, you are placed in a tournament where you try to outshoot and outscore at the most 7 other players. Each tournament lasts for 30 minutes, during which you can play, die, and play again ad infinitum. The bad thing about dying though is you start at the beginning again.

GalatronVS game review - ghost ships

The “ghosts” of other players’ ships can be quite distracting

You can see how the other gamers tackle the course because you run alongside the “ghosts” of their ships. We think it’s a good way to study other  players’ strategy, but if there are 7 ghosts littering your screen, it can get very very distracting! We hope the devs give you an option to turn off these ghosts in future versions of the game.

Getting a place in a tournament gives more medals, which means you get more medal vaults faster (as discussed below).


You’ll encounter several types of enemy ships along the way, and they differ from each other not only in appearance and size, but also in their weapons and abilities (and bonus stuff they give off when they die).

GalatronVS - guide and game review - enemy ships

Can you count how my types of enemies are on this screen?

For example, the smallest enemy ships are the ones we’d like to refer to as “Crabs” (because they have arms that resemble crab claws, duh). They may be small and can be killed easily; but they come in droves, shoot tiny but quick-moving projectiles, and move about faster than the other larger ships.

And then there is the so-called “Mini-boss”, which shoots missiles that are harder to avoid, and takes more effort to kill.

Finally, The Boss is a huge mother ship that is hard to kill and shoots a rain of never-ending laser bullets. Bosses appear every 2 minutes, and killing a boss allows you to enter the next stage in the tournament. Probably the only way you can kill a boss successfully is if you use power ups and upgrades.

Power Ups

You encounter power ups in each run. At the moment, there are 3 main objects that you can get, and these are, in order of rarity: energy canisters, batteries, and shield.

GalatronVS - guide and game review - shield canister

Get that shield canister!

Batteries restore your health, while the shield allows you to take one hit without decreasing your health.

Energy canisters are obtained every time you kill one of the bigger enemies (the bigger ones give off more canisters). These are used to fill up your energy bar, which is a requirement to use an active ability. Active and passive abilities are part of your upgrades.


There are four main things you can upgrade: your ship type, bullet pattern, passive ability, and active ability.

GalatronVS - guide and game review - Ship select

Upgrades increase your badassery in terms of looks and abilities

Upgrading your ship type doesn’t really add anything to your abilities, but it does make you look more badass.

You can get 3 types of bullet patterns: Ray Phaser, Plasma Cannon and Chaos Blaster.

Passive abilities are objects that attach themselves to your ship and work by shooting at enemies at their own bidding, thereby increasing your killing prowess without you having to do anything. There are 5 passive abilities, but we’ve unlocked only 4 of them so far: Aries Drone, Photon Missile, Infineon, and Neutron Bomb. (What’s the 5th one? Please tell us in the comments!)

Active abilities are those that you need to activate for them to work, and as mentioned, they require your energy bar to be at a certain level. There are 4 passive abilities in all: Emp Blast, Overload EnergyEnergy Shield and Laser Beam. Our favourite is the Energy Shield, and we’ve only ever beaten a boss by using it!

GalatronVS - guide and game review - Boss

Using the Energy Shield was the only way we’ve ever beaten a boss


Galatron VS has a vault system wherein the players are rewarded with currencies and upgrades.

GalatronVS - guide and game review - Boss

Vaults give you money and goodies

There are four main types of vaults:

  1. Boss vaults – You get these by winning in tournaments/killing bosses. It takes time to unlock them.
  2. Free vaults – Every 4 hours, you get 1 free vault, but you accumulate only a maximum of 2 at any given time period.
  3. Medal vaults – Contain really good stuff. You win medals after each tournament, and accumulating 10 medals entitles you to a vault.
  4. Paid vaults – Can be bought from the store.

Store and Currencies

There are 2 in-game currencies — regular gold coins and the premium currency gems. These are used to buy equipment cards and vaults.


You can see how you perform against your friends or against the global player population in the leaderboards. Global board resets every week.

GalatronVS - guide and game review - Leaderboards1

We’re rank 467. Not bad.

Fun Factor and Replayability

GalatronVS has loads and loads of fun to offer players. The graphics, music, and sound all add to the enjoyment of the game, while the tournament and leaderboards undoubtedly appeal to the competitivenes of most players of these types of games.

GalatronVS - guide and game review - Upgrades

Upgrades definitely add to this game’s fun factor and replayability

Upgrades make players look forward to playing the game more, and customization makes it attractive to gamers who have a compulsion to collect stuff. The time factor involved in unlocking vaults is another reason that will make players get back to the game time and again.


Kudos to Big Viking Games is in order for producing this brilliant game. We’re pretty sure this is going to be one of those games that we’ll keep coming back to, and we certainly won’t be surprised if it becomes a classic hit in the annals of space shooter games. We give this game a 10/10!


Except for the distracting “ghosts” of other players’ ships (but this isn’t a deal breaker for us), we haven’t found anything we didn’t like about this game. How about you? Comment your love or hate for this game below!

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4 Responses

  1. Alexander says:

    I love your blog. It is very interesting and extremely detailed. One thing that I found out is that when I first started playing this game on June 2016, once I encountered the Mini Boss for the first time, I actually called it the “Mini Boss” myself.

    Also the 5th passive ability is the Static Lightning. But it is nerfed after the update of 1.3.8.

    I play on Kik with my username Ionosphere_Fires.

    • Editorial Team says:

      Hey Alexander! So great of you to drop by. We love knowing that people like you actually read what we write here, haha! And thank you for the information on the 5th passive ability. You rock! 🙂

      • Alexander says:

        Thank you so much, Editorial Team! Unfortunately, many players have been outraged about the surprise Kik has been planning to take down Kik points where players can use them to buy gems. There was no update or warning whatsoever about the game.

        As for the reviews, I can honestly say this blog is perfect for new players to understand the game and how it works.

        Also, in case you want to name the bot that shoots larger fire balls, which can kill you instantly, and can appear even in the first 10 seconds of the match, we call them the commander(s).

        I look forward to seeing more stuff from you blog about this game. I am a rank 2 player and I usually help other players improve their score as well as their gameplay in this shooting game.

        Nice job!

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