Castle Creeps: Whack ‘Em All Game Review

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Just when we were starting to recover from our injuries from playing Track & Field 100m, we start playing another RSI-inducing game. Castle Creeps: Whack ‘Em All is an HTML5 version of the famous Whac-A-Mole arcade game.

Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All title

This game genre has such simple mechanics, yet its intrinsic appeal and addictiveness have been proven time and again. Proof of this timeless appeal are the scores of Whac-A-Mole type games that are available online.

But with so many of them to choose from, what would make any one of them stand out?

Does Castle Creeps: Whack ‘Em All have what it takes to rise above ’em all? Or is it going to get whacked to unplayable oblivion by others?


Unlike the usual physical arcade version of the game, this one on Facebook Instant Games is played on a 3 x 3 grid of holes. Your aim is similar though: Use a hammer to whack as many creeps’ heads as you can before time runs out. This while avoiding the human heads too.

Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All gameplay

Successfully whacking Goblins gives 10 points each, while Elves give a huge 100 points each. Elves appear less frequently and disappear very quickly though, so it’s harder to hit them.

Orcs stay on the screen longer than a Goblin or Elf, but you need to hit it 3 times to kill it. But when you do, it gives you an additional 4 seconds of play.

Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All Orcs

Be careful not to hit humans, as it will subtract 10 seconds from your time. This obviously spells instant Game Over if you have only 10 seconds or less left.

We figured that we can get the highest score by just focusing on hitting Orcs and Elves. But the game somehow penalizes you when you let too many creeps escape. Ignoring Goblins didn’t generate enough Orcs to extend time sufficiently, nor produced Elves to increase our score significantly.

Smart devs!

Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All double hammers

The game has very responsive controls, you can actually use two hammers at the same time by tapping on the screen with two fingers. (Although it seems this trick won’t work on the same hole at the same time).

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are one of the points that make this game stand out. The artwork is very attractive, very professionally done.

Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All Elf

The Goblins look legitimately creepy (but almost cute, in the same way that Gremlins are cute). The drooling, scowling, hard-to-kill Orcs look truly nasty. We particularly like the Elves, as they look evil in an adorable way (think Draco Malfoy).Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All redheaded woman

The human is a red-headed woman. Who is she?

Random observation: The hammer has a striking resemblance to that of Thor’s.

Hammer hitting orc

The animation is delightful and funny, and the sound effects were impeccably chosen.

Fun Factor and Replayability

This is a great game for venting out. Stressed? Annoyed? Angry? Repressed? Come and whack some creeps to your satisfaction.

Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All score

Even though this game is repetitive, its addictive gameplay will make players come back again.

The game however doesn’t have any sort of upgrades or items to unlock, so that may be something that will affect the game’s longevity.


Whack ‘Em All is a very polished and well-made game. It’s designed to be an ideal game for killing time, especially if you’re not in the mood for calm or relaxing. This game is mildly violent in nature, so if you’re not too careful, you may break your device’s screen while playing. That’s how addictive it is.

Castle Creeps Whack 'Em All time's up

We give this game a 7/10, not because it’s not that good, but because it lacks a few more features that would have made it a great game.

We’re still curious who the woman is, so if you know what her significance is, write a reply below!

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