Box Squad Paper Golf Game Review

Box Squad Paper Golf facebook cover

Golf is probably one of the (if not the) most hated sports on the planet. It has been described as slow, boring, and expensive. But probably the most commonly used adjective to describe it is “stupid”.

So it’s unfortunate that Box Squad Paper Golf has the word golf in its title. Because it is not any of the above descriptions.

It’s not slow; you can finish the game in a couple of minutes. Not boring; you actually play it to kill boredom. Not expensive; it’s free to play on Facebook Messenger.

And it most certainly is not stupid. This 3D game is quite brilliantly made.

To think that Paper Golf is the very first game released by this development team!

Graphics and Sound

We’re pretty sure there were audible sounds of wonderment when we first opened this game. (“Wow”, “Oooh”, and “Whoa” were probably among the expressions uttered).

Hole 2

Having had no expectations for this game, we were dazzled by the first sights that welcomed us: The game camera, panning over and zooming in and out of a splendid 3D golf course!

And each course we encountered was more impressive than the last.

If we could rename this game, we wouldn’t call it plainly Paper Golf. We’d call it “Paper Golf on Amazing Courses Floating in the Sky”.

Top view

As for the sounds, we’re not quite sure what sort of music is appropriate for a golf game. But the jazz band tune used in the game seems to fit the bill just fine.


Yes, you play on golf courses that may remind you of the anime “Castle in the Sky” or the floating mountains in the movie “Avatar”.

The game currently has 3 holes, each one on a different course.

Tap for power

Each stroke of the ball entails two taps: First tap to aim the arrow, and second to adjust striking power.

Littering the landscape are origami cranes, which when hit give 1000 bonus points each.

And since the courses are floating, there’s always the chance a ball will fall into the abyss below and be lost forever.

You lost a ball

Not to worry, since you are given 5 balls to spare per course.

There are no limits on the time to make a putt or the number of strokes allowed, so you can potentially play the game forever. This will of course result to a very low score when the game ends.

Fun Factor and Replayability

We hope that even people who are not fans of golf will give Box Squad Paper Golf a shot. It would be a shame to judge the game by its name and miss out on such a wonderfully designed work.

We know, because we almost did. (Partly because of the not-so-impressive icon. Hey devs, please change it to something more attractive!).


The stunning 3D graphics, very responsive and accurate game controls, and realistic physics of the game all contribute to making the game highly enjoyable.


In a world wide web full of 2D HTML5 games, 3D games like Paper Golf is a very welcome addition. Just another proof that HTML5 technology can be used to create fantastic games that rival those of other platforms.

Great shot

Box Squad has turned a “stupid” sport into a fun, engaging, and charming little game that everyone will enjoy. We’re sad though that there are only 3 courses available to play. They did say on their website that the game is just a preview, so we’re hoping they make more courses available on Messenger someday.

We give this version of the game a 9/10.

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