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Quick quiz: What were the first basketball hoops made of? A) Peach baskets, B) Potato sacks, or C) Milk buckets? It’s okay if you don’t know. We doubt that even game developer FRVR¬†knows. Even if they are the ones who created one of the latest games to be introduced to Instant Games: Basketball FRVR.

FRVR certainly is on a roll. Their game Hex FRVR was one of the original 17 titles on Instant Games when it was launched in November last year. Their sophomore game on the platform is Basketball FRVR, and by the looks of it, this one’s gonna be a big hit with players too.

If you don’t want to read the rest of this Basketball FRVR game review, here’s one thing that you should at least¬†know: We liked it very much!

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Graphics and Sound

This game has the most basic, absolutely-no-frills visual design. It’s just an orange ball on a table, and the hoop with a backboard. The hoop by the way, is just a straight line with a net underneath. It’s like having an eye-level view of the rim.

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The background music is pretty awesome. Featuring mostly percussion and bass riffs, it’s the kind of funky music you can listen to indefinitely without getting ear fatigue. It will put you in the perfect mood to shoot some hoops.

We think this game’s combination of a clean look and rhythmic music is great, and it allows the player to focus on and enjoy the gameplay.


As mentioned, the player’s view of the rim makes it appear like a horizontal line. Even then, you don’t feel like the rim is just a one-dimensional horizontal line. The physics of the game is excellent, and the way the ball bounces on and around the rim feels very authentic.

The game’s aim is to sink in as many balls as possible. Shooting is done by flicking the ball towards the hoop. There’s no time limit, but once you lose a shot, it’s game over.

Basketball FRVR game review

Making the game more challenging is the moving backboard. After you reach a certain score, the hoop changes positions. First it just moves only either to the left or right and stops at a new position after which you can take a shot. But it gets even more difficult later on when the hoop moves in all different directions and doesn’t stop at all.

You get 2 points if you shoot a ball, and 3 points if you do it without touching the rim. You get 2x point multiplier for 2 consecutive no-rim shots, and 3x point multiplier for the 3rd one and beyond. The point multiplier resets when you hit the rim.

Basketball FRVR game review

Fun Factor and Replayability

There’s something innately fun about sinking a basketball into a hoop. (Even throwing crumpled paper into a bin is fun!). An app that realistically simulates that action, while providing just the right amount of difficulty to challenge a player’s aiming skills, will be a winner.

Basketball FRVR settings

Basketball FRVR may not have higher levels or upgrades (heck, it doesn’t even have any other option except to turn the sound on/off), but it probably doesn’t need those to have longevity. It’s a great time-killer and we’re sure this game is something we’ll always go back to and play when we find ourselves in a lull moment.


This very simple-looking game has a lot of good physics in it. It has a very smooth gameplay, and it’s something you would love to have on your mobile device when you need to while away the time. We give it a 9/10.

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